Hello, I'm Bellule Art.

Born of a painter mother and a musician father​,​ Bellule has always been immersed in an artistic universe. After graduating from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts​,​ she continued her training in the studio of a hyperrealist painter​,​ then moved to her own studio. Her influences are multiple because for her "painting is timeless and never ceases to be and to be reborn". Through her artworks juggling between figuration and abstraction​,​ she wants to combine aesthetics and emotion in order to attract​,​ touch and thus nourish and increase sensitivities. Her current creations explore the expressive potential of movements​,​ shapes and effects created by the mixing and confrontation of colors​,​ the differences of touches​,​ working on themes relating to human being​,​ Nature​,​ the passing time and its effects. Bellule is passionate about Nature and finds her inspiration during her frequent walks and distant trips. In a permanent quest for the "magic" of painting​,​ patience seeks transparency and depth​,​ attention to detail​,​ contrasts by confrontation "color-light"​,​ "color-darkness"​,​ any experimentation that can bring the viewer "in suspension”​,​ to vibrate the soul is good to take! The important thing is the reconnection of the sensitive and the inner vibrations in the painting. The pleasure of the eyes is essential but the effect felt must go beyond simple aesthetic beauty and touch an emotional and sensory beauty. “To paint is to go always further​,​ in a work that is never finished​,​ always in question​,​ always in search of sensations​,​ to bring life​,​ harmony​,​ a plenitude to share.”

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