Hello, I'm Mariem B.

Graduated with a Masters in Architecture from the United States and a self-taught artist​,​ I participated in many individual and collective exhibitions in Morocco ( my home country)​,​ and with other countries such as : India​,​ Turkie​,​ Iran​,​ Argentina​,​ Venezuela​,​ Germany​,​ Italy and the United States​,​ while also publishing many articles in journals​,​ magazines and books about her artwork and exhibitions. " My painting style has transitioned from semi-figuratif to abstract over time. 1- My early semi-figuratif series represent the relationship between matter and light​,​ between the physical and the spiritual aspect of the human being. It represents and symbolises the human being in a state of transition from his mind to his heart and intuition. A transition from his ego to his soul. 2- in the latest abstract series called( Metanoia): My paintings are by their conception a process of individuation. They are an initiation in helping in the process of transformation and healing of the soul. They symbolise the alignment and union of energies that we have within ourselves​,​ which will help us acheive union with our soul and therfore with the whole. An alignment within us that allows us to achieve complet union with whom we really are​,​ which is unconditional love. ( Love is who we are​,​ love is where we come from ​,​ love is our true home). EXHIBITIONS - Individual Exhibitions in Morocco: Août 2013 : Chill Out café​,​ Casablanca. 7 Octobre 2019 : Journée Mondiale de L’architecture​,​ Hyatt Regency​,​ Casablanca. 8 Mars 2020 : Journée Mondiale de la Femme​,​ Le Golf Royal Universitaire de Settat. - Group Exhibitions in Morocco: Décembre 2011 : La Foire International de L’Art​,​ 3ème édition​,​ Cathédrale du Sacré Cœur​,​ Casablanca. Février 2012 : Salon contemporain des jeunes salons Marocains​,​ Cathédrale du Sacré Cœur. Mars 2012 : Visions… 3ème édition​,​ Cathédrale du Sacré Cœur. Casablanca. Mai 2012 : Tendances… Médiathèque de Mosquée Hassan II​,​ Casablanca. ◆15 Octobre 2022 : Exposition collectif « Regards à travers l’Art »​,​ Galerie Living 4 Art​,​ Casablanca. 8 Mars 2023: Journée de la femme. - Groupe Exhibitions in the United States: 15 March 2024: Time Square Campain​,​ Plogix Gallery​,​ New York. Janvier 2003: Arlington Art Gallery​,​ Texas​,​ USA. Juin 2004: Upstairs Gallery of Arlington​,​ Texas​,​ USA. Février 2005: McKinney Avenue Contemporary​,​ Texas. USA. - International Online exhibitions: 30 Juillet 2022 : Online International Group Exhibition : Iran ​/​ Morocco. 27 Aout 2022 : Online painting Exhibition: India ​/​ Morocco. ◆30 Aout 2022 : Online International Exhibition​,​ Turkey. 29 Octobre 2022: « Children of the Republic » online exhibition​,​ on the 99th anniversary of Republic Day of Turkey. 10 Novembre 2022: International Online Exhibition​,​ Turkey. 24 Novembre 2022: International Online Exhibition “To Touch a Human”​,​ Turkey. 4 Aout 2023: Exhibition in Pergamino​,​ Argentina. 20 Aout 2023: India watercolor Ehibition. 30 Aout 2023: Exhibition Victory Day​,​ Turkey. 10 February 2024: La libertad de la Creatividad​,​ ARIES; Galeria Virtual de Arte​,​ Venezuela. 22 February 2024 : VA-Union​,​ International Art and Design exhibition​,​ Bruxelles​,​ Belgium. 26 February 2024: Dinamica Virtual Art Expo​,​ Italy. - Academis and Associations: 16 Octobre 2022 : Membre de « l’académie des Arts​,​ Sciences et Lettres de Paris ». France. Mai 2024: Member of PLOGIX gallery​,​ Abstract and Modern Online Art Gallery. London​,​ UK. instagram: metanoi_a_rt

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