Hello, I'm Kaveri R.

I am a self-taught digital artist with a background in science. Originally​,​ I pursued a Master's in Public Health in the USA and spent fifteen years working in clinical research for pharmaceutical companies. Despite having no familial ties to the arts​,​ I've always been captivated by colors and drawings. After moving back to India​,​ finding a corporate job proved challenging​,​ leading me to retire from the conventional 9 to 5 routine. This transition allowed me to explore digital art. I dedicated myself to mastering various software tools and AI generative platforms​,​ which reignited my passion for art. Over time​,​ I gained confidence in my abilities and made the significant decision to pursue a career as a digital artist. This path not only fulfilled my creative desires but also offered a new avenue for professional fulfillment. Today​,​ I proudly identify as a digital artist​,​ creating and living through my art.

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