Hello, I'm Michele K.

I am a multifaceted woman​,​ who has pursued two great passions throughout my life: science and art. While I came to my art later in my life​,​ I imbues it with my creativity and unique point of view. I grew up in Louisville​,​ Kentucky and while I didn’t pursue art in my younger years​,​ I always remembered an art class in middle school that made me feel the spark of something special. In my 30s​,​ I moved to Las Vegas and pursued a career in radiology​,​ specializing in CT and MRI imaging. While I loved my work​,​ I always felt a pull towards art and respected the knowledge and creativity required in scientific fields. I continued to dabble in art throughout my life taking one art glass and dabbled in digital art before getting married and focusing on my career. Eventually​,​ I found herself settling down in Olympia. After an injury resulting in needing to take 6 months off of work; a friend of mine said “Now​,​ you have time to paint​,​ and so I did. I picked up a brush​,​ and haven’t stopped since. Only recently did I discover that my mother always wanted to go to art school​,​ she just couldn’t afford it. Art and expression also runs in my family on my grandfather’s side​,​ who was a talented interior designer and also loved to draw. I quickly integrated myself in the art world​,​ walking myself straight into Olympia Lamplighters​,​ a local art studio. I struck up a conversation with Gab Kalfen​,​ the studio’s curator and through a small series of conversations​,​ I had my art featured in the gallery’s window display​,​ and on their instagram page. Soon after​,​ I took an online course​,​ where I met my mentor Cheryl Wilson​,​ who has also become a good friend. My relationship with Olympia Lamplighters has resulted in the sale of one piece of art​,​ I sold few pieces through my web page. I have recurring pieces exhibited at Seattle gallery B612. I just recently created a piece for commission work and working to do another commission piece. My art is a reflection of my inner self. I never know what I am going to paint when I begin but the paint​,​ brush​,​ and movement guides me along the way. I loved listening to indie rock or mood music while I work. My art and expression is very much spontaneous. I am a strong user of both my left and right brain​,​ because of my love of both science and art. My inspiration comes from both sides of that spectrum. From Einstein and Tesla to Rothko​,​ from Marie Curie to Sebastian​,​ and of course my mentor Cheryl​,​ I draw inspiration from everywhere. I have lived all over the country​,​ but when I arrived in the Pacific Northwest​,​ I knew it was home. When I am not working or creating art​,​ I loved to travel or take road trips.

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