Hello, I'm d h.

These styles emerge through the need of therapy. My life has a vast range of emotions due to cognitive​,​ mental and pain issues. I put them all to good use. Each style I render is a particular mood from an emotion and the artistry reflects this. I work on attention grabbing scenarios and rather than explain too much I will let my art do it for me. Open yourself up to emotions and sense my mood. The artwork that attracts you will embrace both our thoughts as one I am sure of it. I try hard to not over emphasise my life and medical struggles. There will be some viewer's physical relation to the work that will enhance its overall power of reach and signal similar associations to mine. I credit much of my inspiration to artists spanning a wide range of styles from Ross​,​ Lowry​,​ Cisz and Hook in my paintings​,​ to Wiltshire for his draught skills. The artistic styles as a result of tinkering with a host of techniques​,​ results in many similarities or skills based around these artists​,​ but I am self taught.

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