Hello, I'm Jennifer T.

Jen Thompson's work serves as a unique conduit between the material world and the realm of the intangible creating a story unique to the viewer. Jen is a contemporary artist specializing in oil paints​,​ acrylics​,​ and mixed media. By integrating traditional and modern techniques​,​ her art transcends​,​ challenging her audience to consider broader possibilities and perspectives often uplifting spirits and bringing joy through color and brush strokes. As she paints​,​ frequently images emerge that are not deliberate. In fact​,​ others often point the images out to her weeks and months after the painting is complete. With each piece​,​ she aims to open up a new dialogue—inviting you to think bigger and see anew. She grew up in Appleton​,​ Wisconsin​,​ and was taught watercolor by her grandfather at the tender age of 3. He was a watercolorist and scratchboard artist. Her work is informed by her experience as a survivor of incest. Art is a reclamation of Self and is been critical in healing for many. She wants to share this tool with others. Art is a potent tool to weather storms from the past or the present and to help shape our future. You can find her on Instagram and Facebook at jillyhop333. “Jennifer’s work transports me to an other-dimensional world where harmony and playfulness heal my spirit. I see something different in her work every time I look at it. Her pieces bring my heart a sense of relief and upliftment and I’m grateful to have them blessing my home.” ~ Stephanie Stanton​,​ Collector

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