Hello, I'm Andrea E.

Slovak artist​,​ art therapist and performer based in Prague​,​ Czech Republic. My artwork is mainly concentrated on abstract expressive oil and mixed media painting. I am a leader of regular international​/​local art therapy and painting workshops for children as well as adults. My approach is strongly connected to my vision of life​,​ I choose life as a tool for self-transformation. I strongly believe art has the ability to heal and awaken. My art works are part of private collections all around the world. I exhibited my art internationally: e.g. Czech Republic​,​ Slovakia​,​ Netherlands​,​ Belgium​,​ Italy​,​ Russia​,​ Germany​,​ UK​,​ USA​,​ etc. In my abstract expressive art works I often use impasto layers​,​ acrylic​,​ oil and metal gold or silver pigments on canvas or paper. Exploring spontaneity of liquid medias makes the process more playful and intuitive at times. In my latest series I concentrating on the beauty of life​,​ mother Earth​,​ botanical motives​,​ dreams...combined with the inspiration of great poets: Neruda​,​ Rilke​,​ Verlaine and others. There is a sense of longing​,​ there is passion​,​ dance of colors​,​ engaging movement and contrasting boundaries of light and darkness.

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