Hello, I'm Natan Cooper Art.

All the attention and preoccupation of man is directed and concentrated in the body with all his senses and the world in which he is found​,​ the picture seems to be complete and logical​,​ The body is material and such is the world around us​,​ nature. In such a reality when I am lacking I am not particularly happy​,​ and when the downside is filled​,​ I am happy​,​ but this joy is momentary until the next flaw. Something in me did not agree with this pendulum of joy and frustration. This feeling did not allow me rest and gave rise to introspection and the search for who I really was. The person I am perhaps is something deeper that lived within me that I abandoned and ignored from all the years. In modern art and especially in abstract art we see very clearly the same frustration and the beginning of the search for the essence of this film in which we live. When you take a classic whole image and begin distorting and translating it​,​ it shows that there is a search​,​ ther is an understanding that the truth is not in the same realistic and beautiful figure. For years I painted realistic almost photographic characters and over the years I began to deconstruct the characters until I was left with only a line drawing​,​ I realized that the line expressing the deepest desire in me​,​ the inner will​,​ a line in Hebrew is from the language of hope. I began to realize that the real self was the same. The line figures I draw are displayed in to background or scenery expresses a state of consciousness​,​ like slides projected from the mind​,​ a thought creates a reality as you can say that as the person's thinking that's where he is at. When you look at the painting you begin to feel that there is a hollow inside us that we are actually naked. The delusion of fullness turns out to be like a set a scenery that we are busy with and nurture it just to avoid meeting this hollow​,​ the matter is only when you meet that inner space you feel and experience it from that point - only then does the real question arise What do we really wish?

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