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Elizabeth (Liz) Andrade Arnold’s distinctive personal style emanates energy and strength. Her passion for art traces to her childhood. She was introduced to professional photography when she was 17. Today​,​ Liz’s recognized for her mixed media art as well as her kinetic compositions with their unique patterns in strikingly bold colors. A native Texan living in Bermuda for the last 26 years​,​ Liz’s early career began as a portrait photographer. Her professional start was mentored by Master Photographer Manny Chan from 1987-1994. Her work included private commissions​,​ periodicals​,​ brochures​,​ magazines and portraitures. While working​,​ Liz attended Galveston College​,​ majoring in art and photography. She also attended works-shops with the Professional Photography Guild of America. Liz’s personal style is mixed media compositions. “My signature design was born in the photography studio. I love working in the studio and the dark room​,​ seeing what I can create​,​ what edge I can push.” Her first solo show was at the Rosenberg Library History Center & Museum featuring embellished photographs. Following this​,​ Liz exhibited a series of artwork in the first Art Walk in Downtown Galveston. In 1993​,​ Liz moved to Bermuda. She established herself as a photographer and contemporary artist. She curated with other artists in the “Mosaic Art Group”. Liz continued studying with Sharon Wilson​,​ Emma Ingham and visiting artist Elizabeth St. Hilaire. She also attended workshops at the Kline Academy of Fine Art in LA​,​ California under Pam Hawkes. As her life experiences changed​,​ so did her art. Taking inspiration from her family​,​ Liz’s first submission to the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art’s Charmin Prize was an ethereal life size portrait of her eldest daughter. This piece was later chosen to illustrate the story​,​ ‘Breathing Space’ and ‘I Wish I Could Tell You’ in the Bermuda Anthology of Children’s literature. Inspired by her heritage’s appreciation of magical realism​,​ Liz’s artwork ‘Mrs. Poe’ illustrates the story ‘The Story She Tells’ in the Bermuda Anthology of science fiction​,​ fantasy and horror. Another career highlight is having Mr. John Charmin acquire her painting ‘Spring’ for his permanent collection. This was chosen from the 2016 Charmin Prize exhibition. In her art​,​ Liz combines influences from Egyptian​,​ Japanese and Art Nouveau. I’m inspired by various artists and photographers. One hero is Frida. I love the world of magical realism that Latin American writers and artists are known for blurring reality and magic.”

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