Hello, I'm Deanna Caroon.

I am an artist and entrepreneur. I worked in finance​,​ and became disabled with multiple chronic conditions​,​ including Ehlers-Danlos​,​ Eagles Syndrome​,​ IIH​,​ Spontaneous CSF Leaks​,​ and the list goes on. These conditions are all very rare​,​ and I find myself traveling all over the country for treatments. There are very few medical professionals that understand these conditions​,​ much less treat them​,​ so I have been told by many there is only so much that can be done. I now know what life I do have... I am going to live it my way and enjoy the hell out of it. I believe a disability can either break you or make you stronger. I have chosen the latter. I currently not only paint​,​ but I own Deanna Designs and Art​,​ an online shopping experience through Shopify. You can find this @ Deanasdesignsandart.net. It is a curated selection of exceptional art by emerging talent(that is me) and offers quality products. I strive to have one-of-a-kind artwork​,​ it is after all my passion and soul on a canvas. I also have three functioning stores on Zazzle at the moment. They all offer artwork​,​ home decor items​,​ and more. The main profile for my Zazzle business is https://www.zazzle.com/store/deannas_designs. I am also a blogger for the Kennedale News now as well! I have also recently joined Plogix Gallery​,​ which is an honor and a privilege. I have worked in many industries​,​ but I find now that I am in the most difficult part of my life medically​,​ and doing the most fulfilling profession I have ever done. For me​,​ I will put it in the words of Leonardo Da Vinci -“A beautiful body perishes​,​ but a work of art does not." -Deanna Caroon

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