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BIO Birgit Reinemund is a German artist based in Mannheim. She has been enthusiastic about art since her youth​,​ especially nature and industrial photography​,​ which she has not let go of to this day. With photography and drawings​,​ she processed experiences and impressions of her numerous travels in her period as a veterinarian and in her entrepreneurial and political phase. In 2018 she discovered her passion for painting and devoted herself entirely to her art. She took part in local exhibitions with her colorful and energetic acrylic and mixed media works. In 2021 she initiated the German-Austrian artist collective NewMA and its online exhibition and became internationally active​,​ took part in the SwissArtExpo in Zurich​,​ was promoted by a New Yorker translated pianists into music and has shown her artworks in Milan​,​ Madrid​,​ Marbella and in her hometown. In 2022 she also creats her first artworks as NFTs. ARTIST STATEMENT "Dream with me the dream of a colourful​,​ peaceful future." My works of art develop intuitively​,​ dynamically and expressively​,​ and yet I often recognize the main themes of my life in the process of creation: the love of nature and the confrontation with human nature and society. As a natural scientist​,​ I am fascinated by the different forms of life and the emotions that animate them; as a politician​,​ human interaction in all its facets. I have always been driven by an irrepressible desire for new things​,​ for discovering and trying things out​,​ and I am enthusiastic about all facets of life​,​ but especially about the freedom of art. Openness in the exchange with people "from soul to soul" opens up new perspectives and is the basis of all progress​,​ be it in better cooperation in our society​,​ in understanding other cultures or in grasping future opportunities. My pictures radiate colorful beauty​,​ yet surprising​,​ mostly only hinted at themes can be discovered in them. This leaves room to trace your own feelings. The result is an exciting​,​ open and connecting dialogue with the viewer. Curiously getting involved in new perspectives is a fruitful basis for constant further development. The beauty and at the same time fragility and transience of life can be experienced emotionally with all senses​,​ especially in nature. How carelessly we deal with this source of all life. As if we were not part of this earth​,​ as if our well-being and that of our fellow human beings were not inextricably linked to the functioning of togetherness and the sensitive ecosystem of the earth! My art wants to sensitize people to deal with their own perception of the world and their humanity - also emotionally. What better way to make beauty and emotions accessible than in art? Life is change. Instead of anxiously fending them off​,​ I encourage people to see change as further development and to actively help shape it​,​ each in their own place​,​ with their strengths. The basis for this is dealing with society​,​ with the world as it is today​,​ as well as the courage and freedom to develop visions. My colorful​,​ energetic art inspires to become aware of your abilities​,​ to stay open to new things and to embrace changes in the future with optimism. Everyone can change their world and that of their fellow human beings for the better! Joy​,​ passion and motivation belong inseparably together​,​ this is how art is created and this is how good cooperation and the desire for further development and progress for a future worth living are created.

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