Hello, I'm Daniel Gibert.

I am an artist based in Barcelona​,​ ​​Spain. My works are part of figurative minimalism. I seek to communicate ideas​,​ feelings and emotions with the minimum possible elements. I seek to express deep ideas through flat colors in compositions where the human being is a simple spectator. I am fascinated by the sea​,​ the sky and the light of the Mediterranean. My paintings seek to express the admiration of man against nature. My desire to transmit a mixture of calm​,​ reflection and respect for the environment. I seek to create works that are calm​,​ pleasant​,​ honest and quick to understand. I admire Caspar David Friedrich for his romantic vision of the human being against the power of nature. I am inspired by Rothko for his mastery of simplicity. Edward Hopper is also one of my influences because of his talent for composition​,​ light and delicacy in the subjects he paints. My works have been sold to private collectors all over the world: Spain​,​ Switzerland​,​ United Kingdom​,​ Canada​,​ United States​,​ Australia​,​ New Zealand​,​ etc.

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