Hello, I'm Ellen Grael A.

I am a Dutch artist based in Amsterdam. At very young age I started to draw and making my first attempts in serious model drawings. In my teens I followed private classes with a number of different artists and went for several study-trips to Italy. I was impressed by the overwhelming beauty of the Italian artists and a new world opened my artistic eye and it was of great influence to my career. Inspired by many masters I finished art school Academy Minerva in Groningen with my self-invented technique on paper. Because I love to work with paper with specific characteristics I cannot translate to other materials such as linen​,​ a technique I’m still using today. I partly owed my interest in nature to my education and through the years my love for nature grew and I recorded it on paper. I’m making many snapshots using those to create an impression of the natural beauty for example​,​ the interesting effects of the wind when it moves branches and stalks or water circulations movements. Through the years I’m having concerns about environmental issues showing this in an imaginative atmospheric way dealing with several topics like ‘The Sounds of Nature’ and ‘The waters of Venice’. My artistic career is influenced by the many famous Italian​,​ French and Japanese art masters and eventually my work is a mix of Eastern and Western techniques. In summary​,​ the means I choose are minimal: ink​,​ water​,​ chalk and with the prepared background and on top the colorful pastels results in picturesque effects. Art Publications: the French Cde L’Art magazine​,​ Its Liquid Anima Mundi Art magazine​,​ WE Contemporary 2018​,​ several publications by the Italian publishers Russo with I Segnalati​,​ World of Art Magazine 58 La Biennale di Venezia​,​ ArtTour International social media campaign NYC 2021 and Art Magazine​,​ Ever Emerging Mag with Spring issue​,​ Bruxelles Art Vue with Limitless Nature art Magazine​,​ Synergie issue by Your Gallery. Interviews by Luca Curci director of Its liquid in Venice​,​ broadcast interview by Viviana Puello​,​ director of Art Tour International NYC​,​ The artist struggling with matter by Jurjen K. van der Hoek project manager at Museum Belvédère in Heerenveen​,​ Dutch Artists Spotlight Art Magazine. I participated in a small Group-show’ Beauty2’ by Amsterdam Art Rooms with a delicate selection of well known artists. I received a great applause for my Landscapes by the upper class of the art scene in the Netherlands. I managed to catch in 2020 the attention of the Culture Sector of Unesco​,​ World Heritage Center with my Green Art Project and La Direction Artistique Fondation Cartier both based in Paris. Showing artworks in Paris at Sonia Monti Gallery. Having a solo artshow in 2021 with site-specific artworks ‘The Singing Bells’ in the new culture center YXIE manoir des Arts in Villeblevin near Paris. In 2023 selected with my ‘ME being an Artists’ series by Ladies Drawings Club in Madrid and artshow at Your Gallery in Rotterdam​,​ continuing collaboration with YXIE manoir des Arts and Water&Arts Project first set up in Vrij Paleis in Amsterdam and this year in Venice. I’m having many connections in Italy and France with a large interested audience through my Facebook business page Ellen Grael Art. Member of Dutch Culture and connections with the Dutch cultural attache’s ambassades in Paris​,​ Milan and Rome.

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