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Hello, I'm Pauline S.

I studied Master of Design in a distance learning program at the University of Northumbria simultaniously to my full time job as a store manager. During this time I set up my own fashion label JOLONTÉ VOUS! . Working with fabrics, colours and patterns has ignited my imagination and has nurtured my creative mind. But I knew that there was more for me. And I found that through painting and collage making when I started painting and experimenting with fashion related themes and concepts about three years ago. Since then I have developed strong vision of what I would like to achieve and communicate as an artist even if I have my artistic practice simultaneously to my part time job and obligations as mother of a four years old girl. My inspiration derives from the fashion topics and comprises currently the following concepts that I am developing: The Art of Pattern, The Art of Fabric and Shredded Fashion.

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