Hello, I'm Olivia A.

Olivia Alexander is a contemporary artist who was born in London but grew up in Australia. It was there she found a passion for the rugged coastal landscapes and oceans that are now her artistic focus. In 2001 she began to pursue an artistic career and undertook nine years of art training​,​ eventually specialising in mixed media. Olivia uses unique techniques in a combination of acrylics​,​ inks​,​ watercolours​,​ mineral pigments and gold leaf to create paintings in contemporary abstract. Her aim is to capture the spirit of the ocean and coastal landscape using an alchemy of design elements and formed compositions in nature. Since 2012​,​ Olivia Alexander has received many international awards. Her latest prestigious award being a *diplôme médaille d’Argent* (silver medal) from the Société Académique of ART SCIENCE & LETTRES - Paris​,​ in recognition of her art career​,​ on 16 October​,​ 2022. Olivia’s artworks are owned by private collectors in many countries and since 2003 she has exhibited or been represented by galleries and curators in cities such as Paris​,​ New York​,​ Chicago​,​ Rome​,​ Bologna​,​ Sydney​,​ Kolkata and Singapore​,​ to name a few. She works as a professional artist from her Gold Coast art studio in Queensland​,​ Australia

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