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Hello, I'm Angela Julbe Saca .

March 11,2021 Angela is born in New York. she currently lives in Hackensack New Jersey where she is very peaceful and happy. She loves the environment around her and how she grew up in New York and country farm living in Puerto Rico. She is an American Artist and inspired by my travels around the world, nature and textures. My art is about experiencing with Abstract, Modern and Contemporary, also interpretion of the world around us through all art and the diversity of the world around her. Angela enjoys happy people around her most of her life and painting mostly using acrylic paint and some alcohol ink. She Loves sketching and using charcoal and Prisma pencils on paper and watercolors to play with on the Fabriano watercolor books. Very connected with human emotions being in Medical field 43 wonderful years and family. I showcase most of my arts on Instagram and YouTube channel @Angela’sMixed Media Artist. I post mostly all updates 2-3 days per week on both Instagram and YouTube. Mostly at my home art studio. Motivated by creations of work that manage to establish connections with personal and collective, things around my everyday surroundings from an original language that mixes intuition and logic. The Artists whom have influenced me and I admire the most are Pablo Picasso, (abstract). Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali and Bob Ross since 9 years of age love his Landscape. Social media influences are Peter Dranitsin, Rick Cheadle, Deby Coles, Erika Thornton. MelyD, Mixed Media Girl and Mrs.Colorberry’s. Arts http::Plogixgallery.New Jersey Angela Saca, Artist

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