Hello, I'm François M.

I have always painted​,​ it's been thirty years now​,​ I started with lyrical abstraction​,​ on large panels and in acrylic​,​ then my inspiration evolved into something more figurative​,​ in oil​,​ and on small formats! This choice of format is important in my approach because I like that we have to approach my painting​,​ to discover the material​,​ the details. I believe in the idea of a new renaissance​,​ by loving and drawing inspiration from the painters who preceded us​,​ it is possible to create something new​,​ different. My style is made of spontaneity​,​ a form of naivety​,​ there is a spiritual and philosophical research in the celebration of nature. I paint what I would like to hang at home. And I chose this slogan "Color​,​ joy​,​ energy and beauty"

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