Hello, I'm Eva M.

Eva is an artist living in regional Victoria​,​ Australia.Art has always been part of her life. She studied illusration at RMIT​,​ life dawingand composition undet renown expressionist artist Yvonne Audette​,​ and contemp painting with Melbourne Studio School. Eva experimented with mosaic work​,​ pastel ainting and print making. However​,​ for many years she has concentrated on oil and acrylic painting. At first she painted realistically​,​ painting landscapes​,​ still life and portraiture.​,​ however she gradually moved to abstraction and that is now her favourite genre. She paints her abstractions in acrylic as she finds that the layering process she uses is suited to acrylic paint. Her cjurrenty works are nuanced abstracts based on nature and with figurative influences. She also likes to reference the High Plains landscape where she skiied extensively and bushwalks. She likes to paint her interpretationsof landscapes and tries to express the feelingof being in the space. Her paintings are notable for her jse of mark-making​,​ her flat picture plane​,​ explorations of shapes and subtle and harmonious use of colour. As well as painting she draws from life and makes us of charcoal in drawing. She is amember of various art societies and has taken part in manh exhibitions​,​ some solo and many with groups.

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