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Hello, I'm Jose Mario C.

DATE OF BIRTH: 15 November 1974 EDUCATION Degree: Architecture and Urbanism, Department of Architecture, UIA, Santa Fe, CDMX, Mexico, 1994 - 2000 Doctoral student: (4/5 5/5), Areas of Research in Energy and the Environment in the architecture, ETSAB-ETSAV-UPC, BCN, Catalonia, Spain 2003 - 2007 Online Watercolour Course, Natural landscapes in watercolour, 2021 - 2021 EXHIBITIONS 1999 - Collaboration and participation in a collective exhibition Involving 25 Mexican young artists, in Mexico City, Mexico 2004 - "Natura-Forma", Watercolours exhibition, BCN, Catalonia, Spain 2016 - Itinerant exhibition, Natural Light in Mexican architecture, International Year of the Light, CAM-SAM - UNESCO, Montejo Avenue in Merida Yucatan, Mexico 2018 - Watercolour exhibition L'Etoile du Nord Repère de Pirates, Brussels, Belgium 2022 – Daughter and Father, an Art exhibition in the concert hall of the Music School of Haapsalu, Cyrillus Kreek. 2022 – Watercolour exhibition in the vestibule of the Mexican embassy in Helsinki Finland 2022 – Group Exhibition, Solaris Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia. The theme of the exhibition is “Alone we are one drop. Together we are the ocean. ” 2022 – Group Exhibition, Haus Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia. The theme of the exhibition is “Alone we are one drop. Together we are the ocean. ” 2022 – Group Exhibition, Türi Cultural Centre "One for all, all for one!" 2023 - Daughter and father, XII orchid exhibition, University of Tartu Botanical Garden. 2023 - Group exhibition, Haus Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia. My Important World. Estonian Watercolour Society. ABOUT ME I studied at the Edron Academy in Mexico City where I made the International General Certificate of Secondary Education; one of the subjects I chose was Creative Arts and Technology. Since young, I have been inclined to express myself through art. At school, I was good at artistic subjects. I majored in architectural expression techniques while I studied for my bachelor's degree. I have developed skills by practising and taking online courses. I have visited many museums and personal artist exhibitions. We express our subconscious through Art. Art is the means through which we express our cosmovision. All our past, all our knowledge, all our intellect, and all our feelings we express through the present by creating Art. Nature and natural landscapes are some of my sources of inspiration. I also find beauty in geometry. I believe that I get inspired to create, expose and share pleasant images through art. Sometimes I like to reinterpret landscapes, twilights, and others I enjoy creating abstract images with pencil and primary colours. I believe that beauty can be reinterpreted by the eye and expressed by the hand. I enjoy the catharsis of releasing emotions through art to create abstract images. I mostly enjoy expressing myself with the watercolours technique. I enjoy making geometrical exercises illustrated with watercolours. I enjoy reinterpreting beautiful landscapes or nature. I pretend to grow like an artist. In 2021, I was accepted as a member of the Estonian Watercolour Society. I pretend to participate in more exhibitions, personal and group. I pretend to sell more watercolours.

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