Hello, I'm Cristina A.

Art and especially painting was my first love as a child​,​ and it remained a big interest of mine during my whole life. Now ​,​ in my mature years​,​ I rediscovered my first passion and started to give it new life again​,​ pouring inside my artworks my vision about the world​,​ my life experience​,​ my interests and my emotions. I have also been fascinated by quantum physics and studied it in order to better understand the mystery of space and time​,​ matter and energy - but the more you know​,​ the bigger the mystery becomes! Matter is not solid as we normally perceive it​,​ but is rather energy​,​ it is always in movement​,​ always flowing from the microscopic level of elementary particles to the macroscopic dimensions of stars and galaxies. For this reason an idea of flux and movement often emerges in my works. Nothing remains the same​,​ everything is permanently in movement and everything is connected​,​ „entangled“. I am fascinated by experimenting with different media​,​ creating different textures with different levels of viscosity and fluidity​,​ transparency and opacity​,​ trying to find a balance between control and unpredictability. My artworks have been exposed in different exhibitions in Rome​,​ Milan and Vienna.

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