Hello, I'm Kate M.

I'm a self-taught classic paintress from Italy specialized in luxury still lives with flowers and custom portraits from photo, with my own acrylic technique "Vintage Fusion". This name means that I recreate the traditional oil look with a modern and much more resistant paint and therefore it's a sort of fusion between the past and the future. My technique received over the last 20 years as many awards as painting contests in northern Italy I took part in thanks to my unusual ability to make the acrylic paint look like oil. I use the acrylic because unlike oil it never gets chapped or cracked, always looks like new, maintains bright colors, it's waterproof and flexible and respects the environment because doesn't use chimical solvents. I cover finished paintings with a protecting acrylic gloss. It takes a lot of time, patience, care and observing ability to paint this way, that's why I can take no more than 30- 40 orders a year. If you're a vintage lover and would like a personalized painting, send me a message and join the waitlist. I offer free worldwide shipping.

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