Hello, I'm Ken C.

Ken has been a part of the creative world for many years. He was an actor​,​ playwright​,​ director​,​ and producer of theatre in Chicago and Denver. His plays have been produced in many theatres in the US and internationally. He was interested in photography at an early age and won awards for his photography. When the digital age arrived​,​ Ken embraced it and started his journey into digital art and now AI art. His work has been in many Denver galleries​,​ and across the US in online shows. With his two shows at the Pocket Star Gallery in Athens​,​ Greece​,​ his work has now been seen internationally. He has been busy combining his love of writing and art and his updated website reflects that new path. His work with the poet Uzomah Ugwu has opened his eyes and mind to the exhilarating power of words and art.

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