Hello, I'm Kicki E.

Kicki Edgren was born in 1972​,​ based in Gothenburg​,​ Sweden. The first art exhibition Kicki had was at the age of 15 and since then there have been more than 30 art exhibitions at galleries​,​ salons and other locations in western Sweden. Kicki loves color and human expressions therefore her paintings containes strong colors and motifs in people. Among several educations in advertising​,​ graphic design and brand strategy​,​ Kicki has a master’s degree from HDK - the School of Design and Crafts at the University of Gothenburg. Kicki has run her own company as an illustrator​,​ designer and brand strategist since 1998 and is a multiple-priced designer. Her product design has been exhibited in both Stockholm and in a design museum in Barcerlona. Kicki is restless and curious​,​ so she has also tryed other creative expressions like creating music and writing stories. In 2010​,​ her book ”Satungsverserna” was published by Ica Bokförslag. For nine years​,​ Kicki has been working at the communication unit at the University of Gothenburg as a graphic designer where she is responsible for the university’s visual identity. Facebook Page: Artonline Instagram: artonline.se Website: www.artonline.se The latest artwork is available at www. konst.se​/​kickiedgren Email: kicki@kredema.se

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