Forest Light Bathing

"Forest Light Bathing" was inspired by looking up at trees near my home in the Peak District. Sunlight plays through beautiful leaves revealing a clear sky beyond the branches. This is a meditative and calming painting, with tones of turquoise, blue, copper and gold embracing nature and an alternative gaze at a woodland space bringing a semi abstract view to a familiar scene. An original artwork, one of a kind, this painting has been created with high quality acrylic paints on deep edged canvas. I begin with observation of the place making notes and taking photographs to work from in the studio. From these beginnings I work intuitively, painting some base layers with a brush and then impasto techniques layer on layer applied with a palette knife. Harnessing optical mixing techniques employed by the impressionists and some of the methods of the old masters such as scumbling and glazing. I continue working until the painting reaches a natural conclusion. The result is a contemporary painting, which lies somewhere between abstraction and realism. The painting continues round the sides, a frame is not needed and it is ready to hang.


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Artwork Size & Ink Base:

Original one of a kind. Acrylics on deep edge canvas, the painting continues round the sides and it is ready to hang.

Artwork Style

  • Impressionism

Artwork Size

  • Up to 1m50

Painting Technique

  • Acrylic

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Amanda Horvath

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