Isabelle at the swimming pool

"Isabelle à la piscine" is an acrylic painting on canvas, measuring 60×80 cm. The canvas is stretched on a frame and is ready to hang. It was painted in 2021. This painting is the third in the Isabelle series. It depicts a young woman by the pool, relaxing on her deckchair. The canvas transports us into summer, inviting us to relax and unwind. The dominant colours are green and yellow. The red parasol contrasts with the rest of the painting, adding a touch of dynamism and cheerfulness. The painting is figurative, with clean lines, and the background is more impressionistic, made up of small touches.

Artwork Size & Ink Base:

60×80 cm acrylic painting

Artwork Style

  • Figurative

Full Artwork Size

  • Up to 1m50

Painting Technique

  • Acrylic

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Marine Walon

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Marine Walon


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