The Drummer IV

It's a beggar with a tips jar singing and playing drum in a tropical African setting. This colorful acrylic painting captures the energy of a street performance in Africa. This painting of a street musician will add a touch of African flair to your home. The artist has used bold colors and expressive brushstrokes to create a lively and engaging scene that is sure to capture the attention of any viewer. The vivid acrylic strokes celebrate the cultural heartbeat, weaving a tapestry that pulsates with the colorful echoes of heritage and spirit. This piece is an homage to euphoric melodies, a visual symphony meant to energize and inspire any space with its pulsating vitality.


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Artwork Size & Ink Base:

69 cm ​/​ 27.2 inches width 90 cm ​/​ 35.4 inches height

Artwork Style

  • Abstract
  • Digital Art | NFT
  • Animalistic
  • Expressionism
  • Figurative
  • Impressionism
  • Landscape
  • Minimalism
  • Mixed Media | Pop Art
  • Realism

Artwork Size

  • Less than 50cm
  • Up to 1m50
  • More than 1m50

Painting Technique

  • Acrylic
  • Chalk
  • Collage | Digital
  • Oil
  • Pastel
  • Pencil
  • Resin | Epoxy
  • Spray Paint
  • Watercolor
  • Mixed Media
  • Photography

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Angu Walters of Cameroon, Central Africa

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