Sanza Player

Here is an African tribal art oil painting of an African musician playing the sanza, done in hues of purple and violet. "The sanza has traditionally accompanied African praise songs honoring ancestors and revered chiefs for centuries." "As a major instrument of the Motherland, the sanza is as central to African music as the guitar is to American rock ’n’ roll." - Bet You Never Played a Sanza. A What? A Sanza - Ebony Magazine In this painting, Angu Walters has merged figurative grace with surreal wonder, encapsulating the vibrant essence of music. The piece is alive with a melody that transcends the visual, inviting viewers into a realm where tradition dances with imagination. It's an ode to the spirit of rhythm that will fill any home with the warmth of harmony and the pulse of creativity.


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Artwork Size & Ink Base:

80 cm ​/​ 31.5 in width 100 cm ​/​ 39.4 in height

Artwork Style

  • Abstract
  • Digital Art | NFT
  • Animalistic
  • Expressionism
  • Figurative
  • Impressionism
  • Landscape
  • Minimalism
  • Mixed Media | Pop Art
  • Realism

Artwork Size

  • Less than 50cm
  • Up to 1m50
  • More than 1m50

Painting Technique

  • Acrylic
  • Chalk
  • Collage | Digital
  • Oil
  • Pastel
  • Pencil
  • Resin | Epoxy
  • Spray Paint
  • Watercolor
  • Mixed Media
  • Photography

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Angu Walters of Cameroon, Central Africa

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