"Wounded Grass" is a semi-abstract collage landscape painting in mixed media that offers a poignant journey back to the carefree days of the 1970’s, when children enjoyed the simple pleasures of playing outside together. Shrouded in a soothing palette of pastel tones, this artwork evokes nostalgia for a time when laughter, friendship and the embrace of nature were the essence of childhood. In this artwork, a vast lawn emerges as the center piece, where the grass, depicted with intricate textures, seems to bear the wear and tear of countless childhood adventures. The title "Wounded Grass" captures the essence of this innocent playtime, where the earth beneath their feet was scarred with the imprints of boundless energy and shared laughter. The grass, rendered in dark shades of grey and black. exudes a sense of resilience and reflects the enduring spirit of youth. The children, lying together in the grass, become the focal point of the painting. The use of mixed media adds depth and texture to the artwork and creates a tactile experience for the viewer. Layers of collage elements, such as old photographs, newspaper clippings and fine brushstrokes, blend together, further emphasising the intertwined memories of the past. This fusion of materials evokes a sense of history and shared experiences, reminding us of the power of memory and how it shapes our understanding of the past. Looking at "Wounded Grass", we are transported to an era when children enjoyed the freedom of exploration and the simple pleasures of youth. This enchanting scene, captured with a balance of realism and abstraction, celebrates the beauty of childhood, friendship and the lasting impressions of our collective nostalgia. It invites us to go back in time, to a place where children played together.


  • NFT IncludedNo

Artwork Size & Ink Base:

Mixed Media , Collage and Acrylic on canvas, 120 x 90 x 2 cm, 2023

Artwork Style

  • Abstract
  • Digital Art | NFT
  • Animalistic
  • Expressionism
  • Figurative
  • Impressionism
  • Landscape
  • Minimalism
  • Mixed Media | Pop Art
  • Realism

Artwork Size

  • Less than 50cm
  • Up to 1m50
  • More than 1m50

Painting Technique

  • Acrylic
  • Chalk
  • Collage | Digital
  • Oil
  • Pastel
  • Pencil
  • Resin | Epoxy
  • Spray Paint
  • Watercolor
  • Mixed Media
  • Photography

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