Women on the Brain

With pencil, crayon, and charcoal I have drawn an abstract painting with patterns and keywords in the abstract a beautiful African woman walking with a handbag, because men have women on the brain when they are born. Everything men do is to be with lovely women and get sex. Everything else doesn't matter, they don't care who she is, all they think about is her body and get sex. She is drawn into the abstract because she must not have too much attention, she does not deserve it, even she is sought after and delicious. I experience her as not loving but superior, greedy, cold, selfish and mean, she don`t want a mediocre life and if it is not amazing and perfect she despises it. Therefore it is difficult for men and people to live up to and be with her, men don`t care as much about perfection, they only have women on the brain. If men care about perfection it is because women do it and like it. The beautiful African woman I have drawn I see as the most beautiful woman. They have lovely brown skin, and full lips. Her hair is small hair tubers, she has jewelry around her neck, stomach and wrists. She wear tight top and pants to show her delicious curves and some of her skin. She wears high-heeled sandals that show her beautiful toes. She does this because she wants a perfect life, to be seen, appreciated and coveted as she surely will be, to feel amazing without being rejected. She wants to be contacted and seduced. She wants sex, to feel good, loved, delicious, special and amazing. But what you see is often not what you get, she is mostly decisive, superior, selfish, mean, and greedy and perfectionist. But you get who you are if you are yourself. The keywords placed arbitrarily, are about the beautiful woman. It is because of beautiful women evil men have created the system to make people scared. Thus men are scared of women, making it hard to seduce them. With the system, women want everything to be perfect to live safely and securely. She therefore has a wonderful butterfly tattoo on her shoulder to tell that I want her and people to be, in a more loving world, to be happy. The little loving heart at the stomach whether you not like it, is important for people, children and animals. To be allowed to be who you are, to get more sex and love, the little cross on the upper arm symbolize that we must die, that problem cannot be solved, is just the way it is, the little peace sign on the chest symbolize that men have women on the brain, but many men only dream about them and are lucky if they get sex they live with trauma caused by unloving people, or not a trauma, but no matter what, afraid of rejection. They get envy of men who are beautiful, successful, brave and are with women, and become mean to stop them from it. I want that to be stopped to be cracked down on, to put an end to that behavior, to choose love instead. To be happy, to get love and sex, and a better earth in peace, love and harmony.


  • NFT IncludedNo

Artwork Size & Ink Base:

Size: 84 x 59 cm.

Artwork Style

  • Abstract
  • Expressionism

Artwork Size

  • Up to 1m50

Painting Technique

  • Pencil

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Jasper Borup


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